Additionally, all smokers know how bad their clothes smell after a day of heavy smoking. With electric cigarettes you never have to worry about showing up to an event reeking of cigarette stench. Suffer from bad breath because of cigarettes? Do away with that social stigma as well with an electric cigarette. Still not convinced?

Did you know that an average smoker could save up to 60% during a year by simply switching to electric cigarettes? You heard right, not only are electric cigarettes better for you, but they are also easier on your wallet.

As an added benefit, all electric cigarettes come with rechargeable batteries allowing for continued and uninterrupted use wherever you are. For those who prefer something a bit different than the standard tobacco taste offered by regular cigarettes, electric cigarette users have the option of various flavors such as Chocolate, Cherry, Vanilla, and Menthol.

As you can see, if you are on the fence about switching, the benefits are clearly numerous. Additionally, with the new technology available on the market today, electric cigarettes are every bit as real and satisfying as their old and outdated counterparts.

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