Who's smoking e cigs?When electronic cigarettes were first introduced as a substitute for the traditional tobacco cigarettes, most people were surprised. Besides that, it was equally surprising to most people when they realized that a number of celebrities were using the e cigs as well.

Research has shown that about one out of five of the worldwide population are cigarette smokers, which has led to the obvious question of why do so many people do it if it’s so harmful to their health? Well, quite possibly because people who are addicted to the habit cannot find an effective way to stop. It seems like they are tricked into not wanting to quit. Now, this is where the electronic cigarettes come into play.

At present, the electronic cigarettes are one of the latest fads on the market and they are sold at kiosks in malls throughout the country, and even more so online. Most people are looking towards this new product as an alternative to using tobacco and to enjoy some of the fashion benefits. E-cigs supply nicotine in low dosage without the dangerous chemicals that would cause cancer.

Who’s Smoking E Cigs?
During a David Letterman interview, Katherine Heigl admits to using the e cigs, but there are celebrities such as Federline, and Dicaprio, amongst others, who have publicized their usage of these smokeless cigarettes as well. When one thinks about the amount of Hollywood personalities who are smoking and the increasing trend of cigarette smokers transitioning to e-cigarettes, it is only likely to grow in the future.

Quite a few of the users have reported that these e cigs are much better than the nicotine gums or patches, because they can still satisfy their fixation. Perhaps the most significant benefit would be the fact that smokers are exposed to less health risk. E-cigs will not burn to produce harmful smoke that is hazardous to our health. As an alternative, they generate a water vapor that smokers would inhale. This is exactly why the smoking of e-cigarettes is not really prohibited in public places like restaurants, trains, buses and airports. Furthermore, they will not emit second-hand smoke, so non-smokers are not exposed to health hazards.

Besides that, e-cigs will save you a lot of money when compared to continuously buying new packages of tobacco cigarettes. At first, smokers have to spend about $150 to get one of the good starter packs. However, when this cost is calculated for replacing cartridges as opposed to buying new cigarette packs, the e-cigs will definitely be the most economical choice in the long run.

Electronic cigarettes also have other advantages because they will not cause discoloration of teeth, they will eliminate the tobacco smell from clothes and hair, and they will prevent bad breath. Even though relatively trivial, these are usually a big deal for most people who have to be in the presence of smokers. Hence the recent transition of most celebrities from traditional tobacco cigarettes to e cigs.