White Cloud Cirrus II Starter KitElectronic cigarettes are still a relatively new technological development, and millions of smokers are still in doubt as to whether e-cigs really represent a breakthrough, or just a passing fad. Perhaps as an answer to these doubts, White Cloud e cigs has recently reintroduced its basic electronic cigarette starter kit on to the modern international market place, albeit with some very significant changes. The purpose of this article is to make the reader aware of these changes, and to inform them of what they can expect from White Cloud’s vastly improved new White Cloud Cirrus II Starter Kit.

While the new Cirrus II Starter Kit is completely compatible with the original Cirrus model, customers who purchase the new unit will immediately notice one striking difference. The new Cirrus II battery is over an inch shorter than the original. Not only does this provide increased portability, but downsizing the unit has actually increased the number of vaping puffs that Cirrus users can get from it. The number of average puffs users can obtain from the new Cirrus II kit is about 560, which makes for an increase of 100 more puffs than the original Cirrus unit could provide. In addition, the charging time has been considerably shortened, from just over two hours, down to 90 minutes.

The list of components that one receives when they purchase a new White Cloud Cirrus II Starter Kit has been similarly revised and expanded. You now receive 2 long lasting, fully rechargeable batteries, which (as noted above) have been revised and improved to offer a longer lasting, more reliable, performance. In addition, you will receive 5 SmoothDraw cartridges, which have likewise been considerably improved since their original model was introduced with the Cirrus some years ago.

The list of ingredients also contains 1 Express USB charger, which is an excellent addition to the kit. You can use this charger with any home PC or laptop computer, and it works especially well when you’re on the go, or stuck in an airport or bus terminal for an extended layover. Simply plug the USB charger into your computer, and you’re all set for a relaxing vapor smoke! Traveling can be an extremely stressful and tiring experience, so any new development that allows for e-cig lovers to plug in and grab a relaxing, refreshing, liquid vapor smoke is surely to be welcomed!

The Cirrus II also comes with a full manufacturer’s standard six month warranty, which is designed to guarantee your starter kit against any and all manufacturer’s defects, as well as any breakage which may occur during shipping. So, you have no need to worry about getting a defective product, or one that may fail after only a day or so of constant usage. Lastly, you will also received a fully illustrated, comprehensive, user’s manual, which will explain to you in simple, painstaking, terms the exact workings of your new Cirrus II Starter Kit. Rest assured, once you properly assimilate its contents, you’ll be in no doubt as to how to maximize your electronic cigarette smoking pleasure!

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