Vapor4Life = Freedom Of Choice

Vapor Zeus Starter KitIf you live in the Western world, you ought to be aware of how important the simple freedom of choice is to millions of people. It’s part of our basic heritage, and it should never be taken for granted. If you are unfortunate enough to live in a place where such freedoms are laughed at, or actively oppressed, you know all too well how important the simple freedom to choose really is.

Even in a matter so seemingly minor as choosing an electronic cigarette starter kit, you ought to realize how well blessed you are to be able to make such a choice in the first place. And when it comes to choosing the best electronic cigarette starter kit, you ought to be equally well informed as to which unit really satisfies your vaping needs.

As it turns out, Vapor4Life has just introduced an amazing and revolutionary new line of starter kits on to the modern international market place. The Vapor Zeus starter kit is available in Automatic or Dual Mode. This means that you now have the choice of whether you prefer to operate the unit manually, or whether you’re content to sit back and let the device do all of the work for you.

Whichever method you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting maximum Vapor4Life merchandise. And that means the ultimate in electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction! So why not log on to the official Vapor4Life company website today? It’s time to get acquainted with these amazing new electronic cigarette starter kits!

Vapor Zeus Automatic Starter Kit

Black Vapor ZeusIf you’ve been searching for an excellent new “no hands on” electronic cigarette starter kit, you’re going to fall in love with the Vapor Zeus Automatic model! This handy and efficient new starter kit includes updated features such an all-inclusive battery that is equipped to provide an astonishing 5 volts of power. Do the math, and you’ll quickly calculate that this previously unheard of 5 volt capacity translates to some 12 hours of vaping – and all of this courtesy of a single battery charge! Of course, for those of you who have long been familiar with Vapor4Life’s decade long tradition of maximum efficiency and quality, this should come as less of a surprise. But the value is amazing, all the same!

On a technical basis, it should be noted by all customers that the Vapor Zeus Automatic Starter Kit is fully equipped to be compatible with each and every one of Vapor4Life’s other products, with the single exception of EGO Mega Cartomizers. The Vapor Zeus Automatic Starter Kit comes with a Vapor Zeus Automatic Battery, 2 Smileomizers, a USB Charging Cable, a Slim Wall USB Adapter, and a 30ml bottle of e-liquid. If you’re looking for the ultimate value package for your first time automatic styled starter kit, the Vapor Zeus Automatic is specially designed and engineered to become your one stop shop of choice. Check it out today, and see it with your own eyes!

Vapor Zeus Dual Mode Starter Kit

If you are searching for a unit which allows you a little more leeway in whether you want to operate automatically or to your own custom specs, why not check out the Vapor Zeus Dual Mode starter kit? This amazing new starter kit incorporates technology the likes of which the modern electronic cigarette industry has never seen before. Indeed, this is precisely the sort of technology which Vapor4Life’s “competitors” can only dream of possessing! The Vapor Zeus Dual Mode starter kit is specially regulated to 5 volts of power. This enables the unit to be altered, at the press of a single button,to function as an automatic or as a manual device. In other words, you control the mode of operation as you see fit. No other starter kit on the modern international market place can give you this revolutionary new freedom to choose!

The Vapor Zeus Dual Mode starter kit is designed for use as a stand-alone battery, or as a passthrough. Again, the choice of modes is entirely up to you. You can attach a Smileomizer to give this battery the realistic look of a cigar (hey, it’s the hip move these days!) The Vapor Zeus Dual Mode starter kit also comes fully equipped with a Vapor Zeus Dual Mode Battery. You can choose the color of the unit (basic black or cigar-colored). The kit also includes 2 Smileomizers, a USB Charging Cable, a Slim Wall USB Adapter, and a 30ml bottle of e-liquid.

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