V2 Cigs Express KitThose of you who are new to the phenomenon of electric cigarettes may be looking for an easily understandable and affordable way to experience first hand the pleasures of this excellent new method of smoking, which is quickly rendering traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes as obsolete as the dinosaurs. V2 Cigs has risen to the challenge of providing a fully equipped “starter” model, which has been tailored to fit the budget and experience level of the “rookie”.

V2 Cigs offers several starter kit models, which are tailored to fit the budget, as well as the level of experience, of its customers. First time users are advised to start with V2 Cigs’ introductory model, which is known as the Express Starter Kit. It retails at an MSRP of $24.95 (Please note that the quoted price is good at the time of writing. However, one should double check this at the official V2 Cigs company website to make completely sure).

The V2 Cigs Express Kit comes equipped with a standard V2 Automatic White Battery, which is the basic component. It also includes a single V2 Flavor Cartridge, which is equipped to provide the customer with an estimated 150-220 puffs. The customer will soon realize that this amount of puffs far exceeds the amount of puffs one could obtain from several packs of tobacco cigarettes. Thus, the Express Kit pays for itself with the very first purchase, considering that the equivalent amount of cigarette packs would cost the customer quite a bit more than a mere $30. V2 Cigs is thus offering you an excellent way to save money, even as you spend it!

The Express Kit also comes with the latest Express Charger, which has lately been remodeled and fully updated in order to adapt to the needs of those on the go, as well as those who plan on using their e-cig cartomizers in the home. The latest version of the Express Charger is fully adaptable to any PC or laptop’s USB port, and can be used in nearly any situation, whether strictly for use in one’s home, or during a long and tiring bus, train, or plane trip. Your V2 Cigs electronic cigarette battery can now be charged within an average time of 1-2 hours, which represents a considerable improvement over the older model, which could sometimes take as long as 3 hours to fully recharge itself.

If you log on to the official V2 Cigs company website, you’ll be able to read complete descriptions of the Express Starter Kit, as well as obtain full details on all of V2 Cigs’ starter kit models and other electronic cigarette smoking goods and product accessories. In addition to gaining all the latest information on V2 Cigs goods and prices, you will also learn about the many excellent promotional coupon codes and discounts which V2 Cigs offers its customers. These discounts are subject to time limits, so those looking for specific products are advised to log on to the site immediately, in order to see if what you’re looking for is currently being offered.

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