Switch to Electronic CigarettesOver the years, people have been struggling with getting rid of bad habits and smoking is unarguably one of the worst habits that you could possess. In seeing what is happening when it comes on to the death toll caused by varied respiratory issues and cancers caused by cigarette smoking, scientists have developed a way to counter it. Finally, the electronic cigarette was born.

Take a look at the top 7 reasons for switching to the electronic cigarette:

  1. When compared to the traditional cigarette, the electronic cigarette doesn’t contain tar and has 99.9% fewer carcinogens than that of the traditional cigarette. The traditional cigarette contains 599+ harmful ingredients that will cause a breakdown of the human body over an extended period of time. Tobacco, when burnt, creates up to 4000 chemical compounds. The same is not so for the electronic cigarette. When using the electronic cigarette, all you are doing is inhaling a vapor that contains chemicals that aren’t nearly as harmful to the body; most of which you can find in many foods.
  2. Tobacco, being a solid, when lit, not only emits a foul odor but also sticks to anything that it comes in contact with. That’s not the case with the electronic cigarette. The vapor that it produces contains a mist that has no lingering odor.
  3. When using the electronic cigarette, there is no need for any accessories, such as ash tray, lighter and others.
  4. The electronic cigarettes are safe to use indoors; they won’t trigger the smoke detectors and therefore won’t cause an alarm.
  5. With a low cost associated with the electronic cigarette, compared to a pack of traditional cigarettes, you save hundreds of dollars. In the long run, and the short, it is far more cost effective to switch to electronic cigarettes.
  6. Since electronic cigarettes are available in various levels of nicotine, you can gradually ween yourself away from the addiction.
  7. You will most certainly strike up discussions where ever you go. In being one of the best inventions used to curve or eradicate the bad habit of smoking, it is sure to start up a healthy conversation.

We have reached a point in technology where someone can smoke a cigarette and not have the harmful emissions being absorbed by his body. The invention of the electronic cigarette makes this possible. Now you can get rid of the bad habit of smoking without putting yourself through agonizing pain. Switch to electronic cigarettes today and immediately feel the benefits go to work.