Green Smoke Express KitFor those of you who are are craving not only the ultimate in cool, refreshing, electronic cigarette flavor sensation, but are also looking for a bargain price, you’re sure to be over the moon when you hear about Green Smoke and its excellent selection of starter kits! We all know that traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes are slowly but surely going the way of the proverbial dinosaur, and we all know that e-cigs are here to stay, no matter what legislators and lobbyists in some backward parts of the world might want you to believe. So, for those who are looking to join with progress on the ground floor, there may be no better way to start than with Green Smoke’s fantastic new bargain deals on e-cig starter kits!

Perhaps the easiest and most economically way to get in on this amazing new Green Smoke revolution is to order yourself the Express Kit. This is Green Smoke’s bottom line starter kit, which contains all of the essentials, while leaving out the frills. The Express Kit is best for newcomers to electronic cigarettes, as it offers an easy learning curve, and plenty of room to experiment with the vaping technique that suits you best as an individual.

The Express Kit currently retails at an MSRP of $89.99 (this price is, of course, subject to change, so you’d do best to go to the official Green Smoke company website and confirm it before you order). It includes a rechargeable e-cig battery. You choose whether you’d prefer a long or short battery. Long batteries are best for (you guessed it!) long trips, such as long airplane flights or car journeys. Short batteries are perfect for home use and traipsing about town to a local restaurant or night club show.

Your Green Smoke Express Kit also includes a pack of FlavorMax Cartomizers, which, of course, form the meat of the matter. A single Green Smoke cartomizer can offer you between 60 and 80 puffs, depending on whether you choose the long or short battery. The number of puffs you can get out of a single pack of e-liquid also depends on your vaping technique (quick, short puffs, or long, traditional, cigarette drags).

Also included in your Green Smoke Express Starter Kit is a USB cigarette adapter (fits into the cigarette adapter in your car, truck, or boat). In addition, you get a wall adapter for home user, and a Green Smoke User Guide and Membership Card. This last item is a particularly handy one to have, as owning one entitles you to excellent promotional coupons and discount deals, many of which are only available on the official Green Smoke company website.

All in all, Green Smoke has done its best to look out for its ever growing customer base, and we believe that the Express Starter Kit offers you an excellent entry point into the brave new world of electronic cigarette smoking pleasure. So, watch out for the Express Starter Kit, and get ready for a whole new smoking sensation!

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