Eversmoke Basic KitThose of you who are new to the modern phenomenon of electronic cigarettes may well be wondering which model is the best one to start with. You may be wondering if electronic cigarettes really live up to the hype they receive. And you may also be wondering if it is even worth to try one, considering that the initial investment in an electronic cigarette starter kit is considerably more than simply purchasing a pack of traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes.

However, you should note that purchasing a complete starter kit from EverSmoke, particularly the budget price Basic Starter Kit, will cost only a fraction more than a carton of name brand cigarettes. If you’re looking for an affordable introduction to e-cigs, this one may well be your best initial investment.

The EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit

The EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette Basic Starter Kit is the company’s budget priced introductory model. It has been specially introduced in order to provide newcomers to electronic cigarettes an affordable starting point. It is compactly designed, and very easy to use.

The EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit includes 5 EverSmoke e-cig cartridges, 1 Lithium Ion Standard Battery, a portable wall charger, a USB charger, and an owner’s manual.

The EverSmoke Premium Starter Kit

Eversmoke Premium Starter KitThe Premium Starter Kit is currently listed as EverSmoke’s top selling starter kit. This midline model offers the customer the choice between a shorter and longer battery, as both are included.

The fact that both types of battery have been included in the Premium Starter Kit naturally enables the user to decide whether they prefer a short, intense, smoking experience, or a longer lasting, more measured, e-cig smoking session.

The full list of amenities includes 2 (1 short and 1 long sized) EverSmoke Electronic Lithium Ion High-Capacity batteries, a portable wall charger, a USB charger, 5 EverSmoke electronic cigarette flavor cartridges, and a user’s manual.

The EverSmoke Ultimate Starter Kit

Eversmoke Ultimate Starter KitIf you’re a veteran of electronic cigarette smoking pleasure, and you have a few extra dollars to splurge with, you may as well go all in and purchase the EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette Ultimate Plus Starter Kit.

The Ultimate Plus Kit is the deluxe model, which includes all of the above mentioned features, as well as some extras which you won’t find included with either of them. These include a car charger, and a charging pack which has room within it for 5 cartridges.

The charging pack is especially handy, as you can plug it into any wall unit and charge up your cartridges. The charging time on the Ultimate Plus Starter Kit is also significantly less than most comparable “deluxe” models, lasting just under half an hour.

As mentioned above, we would recommend the Basic Starter Kit for those individuals who are new to electronic cigarettes, and are looking for a budget priced entry model with which to try out an e-cig for the first time. The Premium Starter Kit is an excellent step up for those who have gotten a handle on electronic cigarettes. Finally, the Ultimate Plus is the Cadillac model for those who are looking for the deluxe experience.

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