Eversmoke Basic Starter KitFor those of you who are looking for an easy, no frills, introduction to the wide and varied world of electronic cigarette smoking pleasure, EverSmoke has created an excellent new starter kit which just might be the very best electronic cigarette starter kit currently being produced on the modern international market place. For one thing, it’s incredibly affordable. The EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit is currently being offered at an MSRP of $59.99, which is a savings of $20 off the regular retail price (keep in mind, this figure was good at the time of writing, and please consult the official EverSmoke company website for current pricing details).

To begin with, the EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit contains the bread and butter of the electronic cigarette smoking industry, 1 special Electronic Cigarette Ion Standard Lithium Battery which, of course, is the basic powering unit that keeps your electronic cigarette going. You can choose between a battery which contains an automatic vaping switch, or one that allows you to manually control the amount of smoke you inhale per vaping puff.

This last detail is particularly important for more experienced electronic cigarette smokers, since a manual switch functions a bit like manual gear shifting on a sports car. You get to control how much vapor you inhale per puff. For those who are less experienced, we recommend going with the automatic switch, which will regulate how much vapor you inhale with each puff until such time as you are completely adjusted to this new smoking sensation.

The Basic Starter Kit also comes equipped with a portable wall charger, which will allow you to plug in at home and keep your battery charged for ready use. It also includes a USB charger, which can keep your battery powered off of your laptop or PC USB port. This function is particularly important for those of you who embark on long bus or plane trips, and need to have a portable source of power ready to recharge your electronic cigarette battery. It’ll definitely be a sanity saver in tense situations!

Of course, the Basic Starter Kit also includes 5 nicotine cartridges, enough nicotine electronic vapor liquid to equal 5 packs of traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes. This is where the economic common sense of the basic electronic cigarette smoking experience comes into play. You no longer need to burn through cartons of dangerous, cancer causing, tobacco cigarettes (and hundreds of dollars per month) in order to get the pleasure of the smoking experience!

Finally, the EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit comes complete with a fully illustrated owner’s manual, which will explain to you every last detail that you will need to know, in order to maximize your electronic cigarette smoking experience. The owner’s manual also includes vitally important information on how to obtain and use EverSmoke’s ever expanding array of promotional discount codes and online coupons, which will enable you to save money on future purchases of EverSmoke products and accessories. So, as you can see, this company really has done its homework. Why not log on to the EverSmoke site today and order a Basic Starter Kit for yourself?

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