V2 Ultimate KitThe V2 electronic cigarette is one of the models that produces the most vapor from start to finish thanks to their innovative two-part design that features a built-in atomizer with every cartridge. The result is a nice, thick drag from start to finish creating one of the most enjoyable electronic cigarette smoking experiences available. The price for the device is extremely low, starting at just $59.99 for a starter kit.

V2 Cigs also feature something very unique to the device: the option of a manual starting battery. What this means is that the electronic cigarette battery has a small button on its side that allows the user to control the ignition of the e-cig. Why this instead of an automatic battery you ask? Well, automatic batteries usually take a few puffs to get going and users of regular cigarettes, who are used to their cigarettes being lit all of the time, might find this annoying. The only brand that offers manual start right now is V2 Cigs and this feature allows you to basically enjoy a nice thick drag from start to finish without that awkward wait time found with all the other brands. If you want the most authentic experience, you might find that V2 Cigs is your only option as it is the only brand that offers manual ignition.

v2 cigs batteriesAdditionally, the V2 electronic cigarette is fully customizable right from the start offering various choices of batteries with each one of their starter kits as well as a variety of LED colors. For those who prefer an e-cig that is as close to the real length of a cigarette as possible, the Shorty Cig at 100mm might be a nice option. For those who prefer a longer battery life, the Long Cig at 140mm might be the right choice for you. They also offer their Standard electric cigarette that measures 110mm and comes with a standard sized battery.

Whatever your choice, the V2 Cigs offers a truly unforgettable electronic cigarette experience for an extremely affordable price, which is why we have them ranked #1 in our reviews. This is hands down the best electric cigarette available at the moment, and V2 Cigs aims to keep it that way.