South Beach Smoke ReviewA new player has emerged in the Electronic Cigarette industry and it’s not ashamed to let its competitors know that it’s here to stay. South Beach Electronic Cigarettes bring all of the flavor and glam from their hometown of South Beach, Florida and pack it into one of the most sophisticated and classiest e-cigs to ever hit the market. Offering a smooth smoking experience for $29.99, (with their monthly auto-ship program) it is hard to think how anyone can pass up their Premium Kit.

If you are not familiar with an electronic cigarette, it is basically a smoking device that looks and feels just like a regular cigarette except it takes out all the harmful tar and carcinogens contained in regular smokes leaving just the vapor and nicotine of your flavor and strength. The difference between South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes and the competition isn’t in its nicotine strengths, which varies from 0mg to 18mg much like their competitors, but in their variety of long lasting flavors. Smokers can choose from decadent Tobacco, Menthol, Chocolate, Cherry and Vanilla flavors. Their cartridges are practically bursting with the flavor of choice making for one of the smoothest and satisfying smoking experiences available with an e-cig.

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South Beach Cigarette
South Beach Smoke comes in two different technologies, the Premium kit, which is your standard 3-part technology lasting for about 300 puffs and then you have the Deluxe Kit. This one is the real deal. Every cartridge comes with a brand new vaporizer giving you more vapors every time you smoke allowing for an exhilarating smoking experience every single time you smoke. Naturally, the cartridges come at a higher price but they do last longer and offer a better experience. If you are budget conscious however, the Premium Kit offered by South Beach Smokes outperforms most entry-level products out there by far.

Whatever your choice between South Beach Smokes, you will certainly be satisfied with the product. Overall, the flavorful cartridges and smooth smoking experience make this product a must try.