Smokestik ReviewSmokeStik is one of the most widely recognized electronic cigarettes on the market today largely because of the celebrity endorsements received by celebrities such as JWOW from Jersey Shores and Katherine Heigel on the Jay Leno Tonight Show. Additionally, SmokeStik lets its users choose from a variety of different colored tips and even offer some devices with fake diamonds on them. Clearly, SmokeStik is the flashiest electronic cigarette you can purchase but how exactly does it hold up performance wise?

For starters, the basic kit from SmokeStik starts at $99 making it quite an expensive option especially if you consider the fact that SmokeStik is manufactured in China… well maybe. This actually leads to another strange aspect of this electric cigarette. There is controversy about where the product is manufactured; in the USA or in China? This should be a pretty straight forward answer; where do they manufacture them? This is how I rationalize the answer: they haven’t done anything shady to me to make me lose trust in them, and they claim to manufacture them in the USA. Therefore, I believe they are manufactured in the USA and other companies might be trying to spread rumors about them to put a stop to their exponentially increasing popularity. On the other hand, the refill cartridges are only $20 for a five pack, providing one of the best values in the industry. Maybe these are made in China? Who knows.

SmokeStik Cigarette

The SmokeStik battery life was average, but thanks to the portable charger that comes with the kit, this shortcoming is not much of an issue. The portable charger allows you to keep the SmokeStik charged on the go ensuring continued use of the product. Vapor production was also average on the SmokeStik. There are definitely other products that cost the same or less and produce much more vapor.

Overall, the SmokeStik gets points for flashiness and for letting users customize their electronic cigarette but besides that, this electronic cigarette is average in performance. If you do not mind giving up some flash, then certainly opt for a better product that will produce a better smoking experience without the extra bells and whistles that the SmokeStik provides. On the other hand, if you’re trying to make a grand appearance into the vaping scene, SmokeStik is your ticket. Also, if you’re looking for a lucrative business opportunity, SmokeStik allows you to sell their product at wholesale prices if you do not mind buying in bulk.