LUCI ReviewLuci Electronic Cigarettes look like a regular cigarette, smoke like a regular cigarette, and even taste like a regular cigarette. The difference? You can smoke Luci E-Cigs anywhere smoking usually would not be allowed. With Luci Electronic Cigarettes, you get a pre-determined nicotine fill with every puff. To prevent excessive nicotine intake, every Luci e-cig comes with a proprietary smart chip that constantly monitors the intake of nicotine making sure the user gets only the amount of nicotine that he or she wants each and every time the product is used.

The Luci starter kit is one of the most economical on the market at $54.95. It comes with a battery, an atomization chamber, and a flavor-filled cartridge of your liking. Even though the Luci E-Cig kit is one of the least expensive on the market, the vapor produced by the device and the tasty flavors offered by the company are comparable to higher priced Electronic Cigarette products out on the market today. Luci smokeless cigarettes did a fine job of creating a fully functional product in a very economical package.

Luci E Cigarette Review
Users of Luci e-cigs have a choice between four different flavor cartridges, Cherry, Coffee, full tobacco flavor, and Menthol. Unlike other e-cigs however, Luci smokeless cigarettes only come in three different levels of nicotine, high levels, medium levels, or no nicotine. New users of Electronic Cigarettes will certainly enjoy the proprietary smart chip that prevents over consumption of nicotine during short periods of time as well.

Located in South Beach, Florida, Luci smokeless cigarettes continue to be a great entry-level product for new E-cigarette users everywhere. From their flavorful cartridge offerings to their economical yet fully functional and reliable kit offerings, one truly can’t go wrong with this budget friendly Electronic Cigarette.