Green Smoke ReviewThe Green Smoke e-cig starter kits start at around $109.00 making them one of the higher priced offerings on the market. With that said, their product is truly of high quality and provides for an excellent smoking experience.

The Green Smoke starter kits come with a home and USB charger, one battery, and five electronic cigarette refill cartridges. Once again, at $109.00, it is one of the priciest offerings available but if a unique smoking experience is your main concern, then Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes will not disappoint you.

The Green Smoke electronic cigarette is one of the few designs that have the atomizer built right in to the cartridge. This design allows for a more vapor filled experience every time you smoke. The Green Smoke e-cig resembles a regular cigarette in many ways. When you take a drag from your device, the tip even turns red to give it an even more authentic feel. The only noticeable difference between a Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette and a real one is its size. When you hold one up for a smoke, you can tell that it is slightly bigger than a regular cigarette although not by much.

Green Smoke One Year Warranty

Green Smoke is Very Confident in Their Product!

Green Smoke refills cost $14.75 for 5 refills,again making them one of the most expensive offerings on the market. Remember however, that each cartridge comes with its own brandnew atomizer. As an added bonus, Green Smoke cartridges hold more e-liquid than any other manufacturer making the smoking experience last that much longer. Green Smoke also offers its users a nice array of flavors from original tobacco and menthol flavors to the more exotic chocolate, vanilla, and coffee flavors.

Clearly one of the most expensive offerings on the market, Green Smoke is expected to deliver a top-notch product and it definitely does. If price is not an obstacle and you are looking for one of the most authentic smoking experiences available from an electronic cigarette, then Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes might be the perfect choice for you.

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  1. Jace says:

    I’ve been using electronic cigarettes since I quit the real thing last year. I guess that means I didn’t quit. Anyway, of all the brands I’ve tried, Green Smoke is without a doubt the most solid and reliable. It seems like it lasts the longest and I haven’t had any issues with it yet. Sure it’s one of the most expensive electronic cigarettes, but you’ll save money if you buy this one because you will never have to replace any defective parts. If you look around, it seems like they’re always offering discounts and free shipping. That should bring the price down to the cost of an entry level electronic cigarette.

  2. Jnn says:

    Nice Post! Thanks for your info..
    I was a big-time smoker. One day, I was introduced to a new, innovative smoking alternative – electric cigarettes. The first time I tried an electric cigarette was in 2008, and ever since, I’ve made the switch to electric cigarettes on a full time basis.