Blu Cigs ReviewBlu Cigs is one of the trendiest Electronic Cigarettes offered to date. With its cool packaging to its fancy USB charger, Blu Cigs definitely offers a very compact and sleek Electronic Cigarette.

More surprising than its stunning looks is the fact that Blu Cig is one of the smoothest and one of the best vapor producing products available in the market today. The Blu Cig, thanks to its sleek design, gives you the flexibility of pulling out a Blu Cig with a crowd of smokers and blending right in. Everything from the packaging to the actual battery looks so much like a regular cigarette that you won’t even feel the difference when you are smoking it.

The flavor from Blu Cigs is also unmatched. Many say it is the closest thing to a real cigarette. Coming in a variety of wild flavors such as Magnificent Menthol, Vivid Vanilla, Cherry Crush, Java Jolt, and Classic Tobacco, there definitely is a flavor for everyone with this top of the line Electronic Cigarette.

One of the reasons that the Blu e Cigs experience is so authentic is that they use only U.S.-made smoke juice produced by Johnson Creek company in Wisconsin. Keeping everything in the USA allows for stringent quality control and for an unprecedented Electronic Cigarette experience unmatched by any competitor.

Not convinced yet? Blu Cigs starter kits start at just under $60 and that comes with everything you need to start smoking them! Additionally, a full carton of refills cost just $25.00 meaning you get each refill cartridge for $1. In other words, not only are Blu Cigs electronic cigarettes one of the best and most authentic Electronic Cigarettes on the market, but they also are one of the least expensive! In our opinion, this dynamic combination makes Blu Cig Electronic Cigarettes an offering that is too hard to pass up.