E Cigs in the MediaThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released a report recently that has sent the e-cig industry reeling. Even though e cigs in the media have been getting good press about the fact that the smokeless cigarettes are harmless and are considered good fashion, they seem to be getting a lot of bad press in recent times. Why are they getting a bad rap?

Media reports
The media has been known for reporting that the e cigs tasted, looked, and had a similar texture to the real ones. However, unlike the tobacco cigarettes, these electronic cigarettes utilized a water-based vapor juice along with nicotine. Although the vapor could be inhaled like the cigarette smoke and offered a similar level of satisfaction, the nicotine quantity was usually less than the amount used in the products with a low volume such as the patches and gums which are designed to help smokers quit the habit. Some companies have decided to offer their cartridges with up to 18mg of nicotine! That’s probably too much for most of the population.

Apart from the lower nicotine content, the smokeless cigarette offers many other benefits such as eliminating carcinogens or cancer causing agents, tar, second-hand smoke, smell, discoloration of teeth and the bad breath associated with cigarette smoking. Well worth the risk of possibly slightly less nicotine.

What’s more, the e-cigarettes were often considered an agreeable solution for those who wanted to quit smoking. For that matter, they were regarded as so innocuous and non-toxic that some airlines have permitted passengers to use them during flights.

FDA Report
The growing popularity of e-cigarettes was dampened significantly by an obscure report from the FDA, which categorically declares that smokeless cigarettes will be a dangerous replacement for tobacco cigarettes and might cause harm to people who smoke. Obviously, this announcement was a surprising blow for the industry as they condemn the report.

The FDA also has a problem with the way the products were sold with allegations that they were targeting the youngsters. It was said that the younger population were lured by the cigarette flavors such as chocolate and mint, which would eventually caused them to smoke the real thing.

How the FDA report was rebutted by the E cig Industry
The E-Cigarette Industry has reported that the Division of Pharmaceutical Research is reporting findings that are misleading to the general population. The major rebuttals are that the report failed to identify the amount of chemicals that could be harmful to users. This report was based mostly on a small sample which was taken from products from two companies and they only tested twenty cartridges. They are also saying that the selling is normal, as it is directed at finding customers and catering to their taste.

Overall, the e-cig industry has stated that they are not particularly keen on converting people who use tobacco products, but quite the opposite as they are trying to help them to give up their dependency.