Blu Cigs Starter KitBlu Cigs and their e-liquid are made in the United States of America and offer exclusive flavors available only through them (I’ll touch on this topic again later).  Their electric cigarette is definitely a fantastic selection and one that is sure to be enjoyed by new electric cigarette users as well as seasoned veterans.  Unlike most electric cigarette companies that offer various different kits, Blu Cigs decided to take a more classic approach and only offer one electric cigarette starter kit with only one twist: users can choose from black or white packs. Were you thinking minimalist? Because that’s exactly the vibe we get from Blu Cigs. Blu Cigs starter kits are very simple, and contain literally everything you need to get you started. Exactly what you’d expect from a starter kit right?

Lets take a look at what comes in a Blu Cigs Starter Kit:

Original Black or White Starter Kits – $69.95

  • 1 pack holds up to 5 cartridges and charges batteries on the go
  • 1 electric cigarette battery and one spare battery
  • 1 wall charger
  • 1 USB charger
  • 1x 5 pack Cartridges in the strength of choice
  • 30 Day money back guarantee and a one year warranty!

Blu Cigs are a fantastic Blu Cigs Packschoice for the price and will provide an authentic and unique e-cig experience with their unique line of cartridge flavors which include Cherry Crush, Magnificent Menthol, Java Jolt, and Classic Tobacco. Even more unique and exciting than it’s flavors though, is the charging pack! I’m really not sure why every other electric cigarette company hasn’t gone down this path yet. It’s a little smaller than your traditional cigarette packaging, and much better looking. It holds your e cig, an extra battery, and five cartridges. The best part about it… it charges your battery! You never have to worry about pulling out your electric cigarette to find that there’s no charge left and you’ll have to wait until you get home to use it. That’s like pulling out a real cigarette in the middle of nowhere and realizing you have nothing within miles to light it with!

Earlier I mentioned that Blu Cigs gets their e-liquid from the United States. If you are aware of the recent controversy over where companies are getting their e-liquid from, you’re probably already leaning toward buying a Blu Cig. If not, let me give you brief explanation. There are some rumors going around that e-liquid made in China is made in unsanitary conditions, and China is where most companies get their e-liquid. Personally, I don’t think the conditions in China where the e-liquid is being made are unsanitary, but I fully understand those who do. When it comes to putting something into your lungs, of course you want to be guaranteed that it’s not unsanitary (I know you’re thinking “well what about regular cigarettes?” which is another topic altogether). Why not opt for the brand that you know buys their e-liquid in the United States? Blu Cigs buys their e-liquid from Johnson Creek whom uses 100% American ingredients. If you’re looking for the sure fire American made brand, then Blu Cigs is your brand.