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Electronic cigarettes are still a relatively new technological development, and millions of smokers are still in doubt as to whether e-cigs really represent a breakthrough, or just a passing fad. Perhaps as an answer to these doubts, White Cloud e cigs has recently reintroduced its basic electronic cigarette starter kit on to the modern international market place, albeit with some very significant changes. The purpose of this article is to make the reader aware of these changes, and to inform them of what they can expect from White Cloud’s vastly improved new White Cloud Cirrus II Starter Kit. While the  [ Read More ]

Those of you who are new to the phenomenon of electric cigarettes may be looking for an easily understandable and affordable way to experience first hand the pleasures of this excellent new method of smoking, which is quickly rendering traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes as obsolete as the dinosaurs. V2 Cigs has risen to the challenge of providing a fully equipped “starter” model, which has been tailored to fit the budget and experience level of the “rookie”. V2 Cigs offers several starter kit models, which are tailored to fit the budget, as well as the level of experience, of its customers.  [ Read More ]

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Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes and smokeless cigarettes, have taken a bright start by attracting an enormous number of smokers from every part of the world. E-smoking is going to become an increasingly adoptable fashion with far reaching and long lasting positive outcomes. Gone are the days when smoking was used as a connotation for poor health, fallacious habit and careless attitude. Now that electronic cigarette has earned a distinction with regard to its healthy results, people are rapidly embarking upon saying goodbye to traditional smoking while switching to healthy smoking with a completely new experience. Following are some  [ Read More ]

As we all know by now, the nicotine that is found in tobacco is a very addictive. Cigarette smoking is an extremely dangerous hobby. Many addicts have tried to quit this dangerous habit only to end up right back to where they started. If you are one of those trying people, you might consider smoking aids that will assist you. They are known to be the best ways in getting rid of the terrible habit. We can provide you with a lot of aids, but in order for you to stop all you need to do is to be determined  [ Read More ]

When electronic cigarettes were first introduced as a substitute for the traditional tobacco cigarettes, most people were surprised. Besides that, it was equally surprising to most people when they realized that a number of celebrities were using the e cigs as well. Research has shown that about one out of five of the worldwide population are cigarette smokers, which has led to the obvious question of why do so many people do it if it’s so harmful to their health? Well, quite possibly because people who are addicted to the habit cannot find an effective way to stop. It seems  [ Read More ]

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released a report recently that has sent the e-cig industry reeling. Even though e cigs in the media have been getting good press about the fact that the smokeless cigarettes are harmless and are considered good fashion, they seem to be getting a lot of bad press in recent times. Why are they getting a bad rap? Media reports The media has been known for reporting that the e cigs tasted, looked, and had a similar texture to the real ones. However, unlike the tobacco cigarettes, these electronic cigarettes utilized a water-based vapor  [ Read More ]

Over the years, people have been struggling with getting rid of bad habits and smoking is unarguably one of the worst habits that you could possess. In seeing what is happening when it comes on to the death toll caused by varied respiratory issues and cancers caused by cigarette smoking, scientists have developed a way to counter it. Finally, the electronic cigarette was born. Take a look at the top 7 reasons for switching to the electronic cigarette: When compared to the traditional cigarette, the electronic cigarette doesn’t contain tar and has 99.9% fewer carcinogens than that of the traditional  [ Read More ]

According to reports, it’s possible that there will be a ban placed on electronic cigarettes on planes in the United States. These electronic devices give a dosage of nicotine to simulate the physical smoking sensation so that you don’t have to wait through the whole flight with no nicotine. At present, some airlines allow them as an option to cigarette smoking, but it’s not allowed on all flights. A letter from Ray LaHood, who is the US transportation secretary, was released earlier this year and appears to be suggesting that within months there will be an official ban for these  [ Read More ]

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