The electronic cigarette, also known as the smokeless cigarette, the e-cigarette or the safe cigarette, has been attracting all those persons around the world since 2006, who have decided to make the switch from conventional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. But the question remains, are electronic cigarettes safe?

The electronic cigarettes are loved by many because they have the taste, feel and appearance of traditional cigarettes. However, the primary difference between electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes is that, electronic cigarettes produce none of the health hazards associated with traditional smoking such as: carcinogenic effects, the more than 4000 forms of chemical additives that result in either cardiac or respiratory diseases, heat (ignition), nor tar.

Once the Surgeon General announced that smoking cigarettes is dangerous to the health of smokers, many cigarette companies have looked for ways in which they can decrease the nicotine and tar levels, so that smokers will have a safer smoking experience. Thereafter, electronic cigarettes were developed. However, with the creation of these cigarettes came the question of are electronic cigarettes harmful to the health of those who smoke them?

Electronic cigarettes were designed to imitate the temperature and the cigarette smoke that is associated with traditional cigarettes; therefore, it adds to the psychological habit without having the toxins that are thought to trigger cancer in smokers. These toxins include: hydragyrum, lead, arsenic, acrolein, hydrocyanic acid, nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide.

When it was first introduced to the market, many people were apprehensive towards trying electronic cigarettes; however, more and more have embraced the product, including the Medical Association. Several companies located across the U.S. and China now manufacture electronic cigarettes, and they are now widely available across Europe and the United States. Those persons who doubted the safety of electronic cigarettes have changed their minds, once they tried this revolutionary product.

For those persons who still ask, “Are electronic cigarettes safe?” You should know that these cigarettes are also a way for persons to quit smoking. This is because you can carefully monitor the nicotine levels, giving you the choice of steadily reducing the levels until you are able to quit smoking without the fear of suffering from withdrawal. You are able to get refill cartridges for your electronic cigarette in none, light, medium and full. Though electronic cigarettes have not yet been approved as cessation devices for smoking, it is highly likely that these products will be used for that reason. So not only are they exponentially safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes, they can help a smoker kick the nasty habit. How safe is that?

Electronic cigarettes can be illegal when used by anyone who is under your state’s smoking age, depending on the state. Additionally, please note that when smoking the cartridges with nicotine in them, you are smoking cartridges with nicotine in them. That may seem redundant, but I would like to make that clear. Nicotine is an addictive substance. It should be treated as such.