V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs rocks! Easily the #1 electronic cigarette on the market. The V2 electronic cigarette is an economical brand that sets itself away from the pack of other economical selections, ...

V2 Cigs Starter Kit

EverSmoke Starter Kits

Those of you who are new to the modern phenomenon of electronic cigarettes may well be wondering which model is the best one to start with. You may be wondering ...

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South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke is a premium line of electric cigarettes offering four different types of starter kits. They are easily one of the top 3 most popular brands of ...

South Beach Smoke Starter Kit

Why should I make the switch? The benefits of switching from regular cigarettes to an electric cigarette are many. For starters, the electric cigarette gives you the option of smoking virtually anywhere you desire since they do not contain tobacco and the “smoke” produced is actually water-vapor, eliminating the concern of second-hand smoke.

V2 Cigs Starter Kit

For those of you who would cut the filter off your tobacco cigarette if you knew it wouldn’t be the death of you, the V2 Electric Cigarette quite possibly provides the thickest vapor pull of any electric cigarette. Also, take a look at the manual starting button. It’s currently the only electric cigarette that provides the user a push start option. Instead of having to take multiple drags to start the battery, you can be smoking from your very first drag!

Vapor Zeus Starter Kit

Vapor4Life has just introduced an amazing and revolutionary new line of starter kits on to the modern international market place.

The Vapor Zeus starter kit is available in Automatic or Dual Mode.

Elikwids E Liquid Flavors

If you aren’t yet aware of Elikwids, you should read this article immediately! You’re about to learn more about an excellent new contender on the market… one that has truly caused a revolution in the world of electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction.

If you are searching for an excellent new e-cig manufacturer that will truly live up to its claims of providing you with the best quality products and accessories for the absolute rock bottom price, then look no farther!

Eversmoke Premium Kit2

Those of you who are new to the modern phenomenon of electronic cigarettes may well be wondering which model is the best one to start with. You may be wondering if electronic cigarettes really live up to the hype they receive. And you may also be wondering if it is even worth to try one, considering that the initial investment in an electronic cigarette starter kit is considerably more than simply purchasing a pack of traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes. However, you should note that purchasing a complete starter kit from EverSmoke, particularly the budget price Basic Starter Kit, will cost  [ Read More ]

South Beach Smoke Starter Kit

From right here in the U.S. of A comes one of the classiest and sophisticated of electric cigarettes to hit the market. South Beach Smoke offers such a variety of flavor bursting smoke cartridges, it’s hard for the other companies to keep up. Of course, such high quality flavor comes at a slightly higher cost. Overall, though, this is one of the least expensive options. You can actually have everything you need to start smoking for as little as 29.99!

Blu Cigs Review

Blu Cigs is a company that knows how to please the people. The ergonomic design and American made e-liquid they use provides the user one of the fullest and smoothest drags of any electric cigarette on the market. Not to mention, its sleek design looks so similar to a regular cigarette, people might ask you if they can use it to light their own!

Green Smoke Starter Kit

The Green Smoke Electric Cigarette is among the highest in quality. Along with that comes one of the highest prices on the market. If you’re looking for a quality smoking experience, however, Green Smoke surely won’t disappoint. You get a brand new atomizer with each and every cartridge, and they hold more than any other cartridge. If White Cloud is the Rolls Royce of the electric cigarette, then Green Smoke is easily the Cadillac.

LUCI Starter Kit

Worried about getting a little too much nicotine with your electric cigarette? Worry no more! LUCI utilizes their proprietary smart chip which allows a pre-determined amount of nicotine to be released with every drag. Priced under $55, a LUCI starter kit is one of the most cost effective kits you’ll come across. It’s the perfect fit for someone who’s not sure if they really want to use an electric cigarette or not, but want’s to try it on.

SmokeStik Starter Kit

If you’re looking to make a fashion statement with your electric cigarette, look no further. SmokeStik offers some of the flashiest products on the planet. If you’re looking for function over fashion however, you may want to consider a different brand. Not to say SmokeStik doesn’t have an excellent product, it’s just priced slightly high for the quality of vapor it produces (because of the pretty bells and whistles).

Smoke Frii Starter Kit

Watch out for Smoke Frii in the near future. They’re very new and coming on VERY strong! As one of the newest brands to hit the market, they’ve had plenty of time to study up on their competition, and trust me when I say they have. Also, for those of you who wish to kick the nasty habit, don’t forget to look into Smoke Frii’s new decreasing nicotine kit.